A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 5) - George R.R. Martin

I have to admit I feel a bit deflated after finishing this book. I think this is one of the best fantasy series possibly ever, and while I am sure I will choose to finish the series, the longer this novel went on the more I had the feeling that there is no way this series can end in a way that won't leave me feeling unsatisfied. I don't necessarily need a "happily-ever-after" type ending, but the feeling that the characters were given their due - that the story came to the resolution that was inevitable - that the ending fit the rest of the tale - these are the things I need. Martin just has SO much going on, and things are heading in such a tragic direction, that I'm having a hard time forseeing how it can possibly feel complete or satisfying in the few novels left to the series.

That said, this was, as usual, an excellent and engrossing read. Getting lost in Westeros is still one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon, and if you are a fantasy lover who hasn't jumped into this world, it's time to start