The Goldfinch - Donna Tartt

Another challenging, engrossing read from one of my go-to authors for dark, twisty plots and troubled characters. I found myself reading this novel in chunks - 200 pages at one sitting, and then nothing for several days - but the episodic nature of the novel seemed to lend itself well to this style of reading. And, honestly, Theo's world was SO dark and immersive that I found myself needing to take a break. Tartt's writing skill has not diminished with time, and this novel was not only skillfully plotted but beautifully written. Her examination of the power of fate was interesting - can we deviate from the path we are born to? Are we drawn to good or bad willingly, or as a part of our essence? Does the bad that happens in our life ultimately result in something good? This is definitely a novel that can be read and savored again and again.