Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig

I am just going to tell you straight up that I did not enjoy this book. My sister and I picked it up based on the jacket description, hoping for a Dean Koontz "Odd Thomas"-esque vibe....unfortunately, it could not have been less what I was actually hoping to read.

I knew almost from the first page that it wasn't going to work for me. By halfway through I was actively disliking the novel, and only kept reading thinking I would be irritated enough to write a review highlighting my issues with the work. By the time I reached the end, however, I just felt defeated. This book was overwhelmingly dark, and my struggles with the way the author chose to portray women throughout left me feeling slightly ill. I find myself eager to be rid of Miriam's world.

That said, there were two reviews that quite perfectly summed up how I felt about the novel - check them out if you are interested.