Cress - Marissa Meyer

Ugh. THIS is why I don't want to get sucked into a series before it's actually complete. I really, really don't like cliffhangers.


I think this is a great series, and particularly enjoy the strong, resourceful, smart heroines Meyer creates with each of her novels. Because I thought the second book in the series was not as strong as the first, I was interested to see how I would react to this third installment - and I think it might be my favorite. Cress is a fascinating character, and it was great fun to watch her learn to embrace her strength. I appreciate that, while each character seems to have a romance, Meyer doesn't let it get in the way of the main action of the plot. Each character makes good and bad choices, and they seem realistic given the situation.


I'm very excited to read the final chapter in this series - Winter seems like another unique and interesting heroine that I can't wait to discover.