One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories - B.J. Novak

I very much enjoyed this funny, clever, and interesting collection of short (some VERY short) stories. Novak has a somewhat specific sense of humor, so it's not completely surprising to me to see that some readers are not "getting" the collection - the humor is sly, and sometimes on the edge of cutting, and it's not going to be for everyone. Standouts from the collection for me include No One Goes to Heaven to See Dan Fogleberg, about the quality of the musical offerings in Heaven; The Something by John Grisham, about a big surprise for the prolific author; Sophia, about a sex robot who falls in love; and Welcome to Camp Fantastic for Gifted Teens, about a very unusual summer camp opportunity. These were MY particular favorites - I would bet each reader would come up with a different list, because each story in the collection is a sarcastic gift waiting to be opened. This collection does include lots of strong language and adult situations, so parents should beware. I'm already looking forward to Novak's next collection.