Slave Girl (1,001 Erotic Nights) by Lisa Cach

Slave Girl - Lisa Cach
This was one of the most well-plotted pieces of erotica I've read so far. Really, my biggest issue with the story is why it ended when it did!

This novella had me hooked from the beginning with good writing and interesting characters, and held my interest throughout with a genuine sense of intrigue and a desire to know what happens next. The erotic elements were actually my least favorite parts of the story - the relationship between Nimia and Clovis never quite rang true for me, and it was difficult to understand her willingness to put herself into a situation she knew would probably result in getting herself killed. It was clear from the beginning that she was smarter than that, and I needed more to make that decision fully believable.

But overall, I found this to be an entertaining read - I almost with the author had chosen to release all the parts of the story together, because I was quite disappointed when I came to the end.