Astrid and Veronika - Linda Olsson

This is the second book I've read by this author, and they have one thing very much in common - they seem to be all about the mood. This is the story of a quiet friendship, started by two women whose memories are painful but precious, and the slow blossom of their friendship, and revelation of the secrets, is the bulk of the novel. Olsson's writing is lovely, and she perfectly captures the intensity of the relationship between these two women. I particularly enjoyed the snippets of poetry at the beginning of each chapter - they seemed well matched for each scene, and made me want to read more work by the poets. This will not be the book for everyone - it is almost completely internal, with virtually no "action" at all beyond the changing of seasons and the revealing of memories. I found it to be a slow but satisfying read - I do enjoy this author, and will read more of her work.