Lock In by John Scalzi

Lock In - John Scalzi

Any novel by John Scalzi is going to be worth reading, and while this one wasn't my favorite of his work, it was certainly an entertaining way to spend a few hours. He does an interesting thing with gender in this novel, and after I figured it out I was fascinated to see it followed through until the end. My biggest quibble with the book is that it seemed to end very abruptly - like it was building to a climax, and then for some reason he just quit writing. It felt a little bit like the two-hour premier of a new series - lots of build-up, and then a bit of an unsatisfying ending to draw people in for the next installment.


That said, even my least-favorite Scalzi is a lot more entertaining than many things, and I will, as always, be early awaiting his next project.